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Big 2 Seat AMG GT R Mercedes-Benz Ride On car toddler car – Red


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This Large 2 seater GT R AMG scale replica comes with all of the authentic emblems and logos. A beautiful painted body, working doors, LED lights, MP3 inputs, and all other functionalities your child can dream up. This Mercedes Ride On toy is all wheel drive. Equipped with working spring suspension and rubber tires, making this the perfect ride for your little adventurer. The AMG GT R comes with plush leather seats and a fully functional parental RC remote control. Giving you the ability to take your child for their first ride, or give them the control of the Ride On themselves. With a working steering wheel and foot pedals, your toddler will have a blast. Watch worry free as they maneuver themselves around the yard, and if they get a little crazy just push the pause button on your remote. Taking back control and ensuring that your child is back on the safe route.

9 in stock